Saturday, June 23, 2007

Les Vacances de M. Belgianwaffle

And what better way to inaugurate eight weeks of pleasing oneself but to hear Sea and The Cake in Brussels last night. Pictured above (left to right) Sam Prekop (guitar and vocals), Archer Prewitt (guitar), and Erik Claridge (bass) - at least I think that's correct. As for the drummer, I'm not sure whether he was John McEntire or a fill-in. They're not exactly the most visually memorable band in the world - the whole set was marked by admirably low-key style. A few twiddles of the string pegs and microphone adjustment and it was on to the next song. Refreshing, really. Good tunes & I heard for the first time how the bass underscores what would otherwise be a little too amiable music.

I got home around 12.30am after a brisk walk and feeling rather exhilirated at this (rare) taste of nightlife. Usually, I'd have been in bed a good hour earlier. O middle age!