Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Q: What does a cereal killer eat for breakfast? 



The bike ride must have done me some good as I'm now limbering up for a long overdue post bringing The Reader up to date with matters pertaining to Kulchur.

Thusly ...

On & off the shelf

Godard, MacCabe
Life of Samuel Beckett, Knowlson

Clark Coolidge - esp. Own Face, Solution Passage, Baffling Means
W C Williams - Spring and All
Devin Johnston, Tim Atkins & Miles Champion - various
Graham Foust - To Anacreon in Heaven and Other Poems
Gabriel Gudding - Defence of Poetry, Rhode Island Notebook
Ron Silliman - The New Sentence & then a quick dip into Kit Robinson, Lyn Hejinian, Hannah Weiner, Jack Spicer
Lisa Jarnot - that selected volume which packs well into a virtually full suitcase

(picked up in the Reading Oxfam & other affordable repositories of sustenance)
W Lewis - Apes of God
J Austen - Letters
Raoul Vaneigem - The Movement of the Free Spirit
Joyce - Ulysses (pretty fresh annotated ed.)

(saved from the school staff room bin - shameful!)
The List Poem, Larry Fagin
The Alphabet of Trees (A Guide to Nature Writing), McEwen & Statman

Norman Mailer - Mind of an Outlaw, Fire on the Moon
Sontag - various
Milam Kundera - Slowness
Henry Miller - Colossus of Marousi, Time of the Assassins

In & out & around the ears

Lennie Tristano / Lennie Tristano
Paul Bley / Play Blue
Art Pepper / The Rhythm Section
Zoot Sims / In Paris
Clifford Brown / Memorial Album
Cecil Taylor & Paul Bley Black Saint reissue box sets
Kerouac / Complete Collection on CD (at last!)

Nucleus / The Pretty Redhead (& playing right now - love it! - Snakehips Dream, Track 3, with John Marshall's drumming ... fabulous!)
Poliphony / Poliphony
Dave Holland / Prism

Philip Glass / Einstein on the Beach (the original & finally affordable)
Meredith Monk / Piano Songs, Dolmen Music, Book of Days (which is probably the best)
Vivaldi The Four Seasons recomposed by Max Richter (still not sure ...)

Darius Milhaud / Miscellany CD

Xenakis / Works for Orchestra (formidable ...)

Punk 45 There Is No Such Thing As Society anthology

Julia Holter (ah!) / Tragedy, Ekstasis, Eating the Stars, Loud City Song (most especially)
Linda Perhacs / Parallelograms (because Julia says so)
Laurel Halo / Chance of Rain (ditto)

Haydn (yes, really) / Six String Quartets (Takacs Qt), The Creation (Karajan), The London Symphonies (Sir Colin Davis) 

Before the eyes

Le Petit Soldat, Histoire d'Eau, Le Mepris, Bande a Part, Four Hundred Blows

(& which allows for a perfectly gratuitous picture of Anna Karina, JLG's Muse & proof that there's more to Denmark than Lego ...)


So that's that's the current syllabus. Students wishing to enrol should send see vees (no fees!) post haste to the Open Uni-Verse City where we're all perpetual undergraduates & Mr Gove is but a fictional grotesque consigned to the erratum pages. 

Tune in. Enjoy! 

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