Saturday, February 20, 2016

Get this.

Walking around the block, as is my wont of an early morning before entering the Chalkface, I started pondering about a decluttering of the classroom. Given digital files & a shift in attitude about Accreditation visits, why was I archiving materials dating back to even before my arrival 19 years ago? This, in turn, led to thoughts about the furniture - a different cabinet, new chairs even? Freshen everything up. Then I thought about budgets & the likelihood of being told next year we'll think about it.

Imagine my surprise when, on walking to the staff room, I'm accosted by the head concierge. Did I have any need of a shelf unit they were removing from one of the offices? Well, yes. We discussed where it would go & when it could be installed. Conversation then moved to the room in general & the two chairs. Didn't I want something more comfortable? Well, funnily enough, yes.

Anyway, by eleven o'clock I had two new 'teacher' chairs - one maroon swiveller & one swish James Bond M-type leather job. (Next on the list: a white cat to stroke as I issue homework instructions). The shelf unit is scheduled for Monday.

Strange, I think you'll agree. Western Rational mind says this is simple coincidence. Another part of the brain thinks Marie Kondo might just be right: decluttering does begin to generate positive energies that extend into your wider life.

But that would be silly wouldn't it. Wouldn't it?

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