Sunday, May 15, 2016


Into CD two - the larger ensemble pieces - & there's even more to rave about: track 5 - 'wildheart' (5:44) which does indeed open the valves with a gradual build of piano, drums & Mette's overblowing; track 13 - 'I' (8:09) that begins with sinister Kurtag-like slicing string chords out of which comes a searching sax solo as the drums & bass slip into - what? oh my goodness! - a recognisable cool jazz groove ... at 5:48 it could be Charlie Mingus & then as suddenly she cuts away & the strings return ... 6:53 & back into the groove ... Godard film circa 1968 ... with a deliberate pastiche arpeggio flourish to end? The penultimate track 19 - 'behold' (0:59) - a Messiaen haiku of piano & strings? 

& there's plenty more. 

It's obvious she has talent to burn & there's also a sense that the music is only part of a wider aesthetic. 

This is special. 

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