Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Given the upcoming exhibition some explanation is probably necessary. I'll print this up as a little booklet and leave it around for the puzzled ...


The pwoermd is trespass. Who goes there? Friend or phoney? Frankenstein language. OEDipals of Oedipus fathering the mother tongue.

The pwoermd is disobedience. Shatters the Commandment: Thou Shalt Abide by the Letter of the Law. The Fallen Word. & Forlorn. Lonely only.

The pwoermd is physical. Skeleton language. Bonus letters. Work out! Flex and articulate those joints!

The pwoermd is a word made of machines. But what makes it go?

The pwoermd is old. Gnomic and riddled. Thorns to prick you into speech.

The pwoermd is unspeakable. Cross your eyes and pursue your lips. Think is to thong as tongue is to thing.

The pwoermd is joyous. Textual excess. Incarnate in carnival. An arcade ear. Language full tilt.

The pwoermd is toothsome. Sushi and so shy. Pop it in your mouth. Inviting. Impacted wisdoms and truths.

The pwoermd is Now. And then. And still coming. Tensed and squeezy. Juicy? Not just gist. It forces you to do time.

The pwoermd … IS.

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