Thursday, February 17, 2011

This morning 11 a.m..

So there I am in Le Pain Quotidien on the Sablon with Charlie & the girls when I realise John Parish is sitting at the next table talking to what I assume must be a critic or promoter. Or is it him? I've only seen Parish with a hat on and the chap I'm looking at is bare-headed. It really does look like him though. I start eavesdropping (a difficult process against the general buzz of the cafe and the girls' raucous laughter & chatter). Odd phrases: "P.J." ... "when I'm on stage" ... "next album" ... well, it just has to be. I make the move and ask whether he is in fact and how much I've enjoyed 'A Woman a Man Walked By' ... and he shakes my hand and is very gracious and much more gentle in manner than certain tracks on the album might suggest. Maybe he's even a little surprised anyone recognizes him. Turns out he's playing tomorrow night at Cirque Royal tomorrow night. I'd like to have gone.

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