Sunday, October 06, 2013

5:30 - vaguely awake & wondering what time it is

6:00 - Internet radio alarm goes off (World Service)

6:00 + 5 seconds - switch off radio alarm with right hand forefinger

7:10 switch radio on again & suffer another edition of Something Understood (these days mostly a string of platitudes)

7:30 - stumble out of bed, go down, feed cats, sort out swimming stuff, get ready

8:00 - pool, 20 lengths, feel smug & virtuous

8:30 - breakfast (miraculously already laid by elder daughter)

9:30 - supermarket (with aforementioned daughter)

10:15 - start making chicken soup (chicken legs, onions, carrots, celery, a potato)

10:30 start marking student essays

11:00 coffee & soup supervision

11:30 resume marking

12:30 preparations for lunch (said soup, grapes, mandarins, apple)

1:30 retreat upstairs to listen to Round the Horn on iplayer (intermittent nap)

2:30 last batch of essays

3:45 afternoon walk (conker collecting, pondering, deep breaths & mindfulness in line with the teaching of Thich Nhat Han)

4:30 tea (Earl Grey Red Baron) & piece of chocolate cake

5:00 further retreat upstairs, music (remainder of Peter Grimes disc one, Octet by Steve Reich, part of Kurt Weil's Concerto for Orchestra)

6:00 preparations for dinner (lamb, beans, oven potatoes)

8:00 read the Observer on the iPad, check emails, write replies, decide to write this Blogpost

9:30 everyone seems to be in bed (or on their way)

Thus Sunday ...

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