Saturday, October 26, 2013

I should have known better by now ... but what seems like a simple update (to OS X Mavericks) is ... not.

My password is rejected sending me frantically searching through boxes & files trying to locate what was originally typed in. Only to remember that I never did have an Admin. password - I just clicked Return. & that, of course, is the point. Apple in its wisdom (?) has now worked it such that the new Operating System will not accept blank passwords & so I have to create one. Great. A new complication. The 5GB file is downloading again - fluctuating between two and seven hours. I started the original download round about lunchtime.

This comes hard on the heels of my bank blocking a simple online Visa transaction until I agreed that a computer generated password would be sent via my mobile for "extra security". (I'd argue quite the opposite - another vulnerability opens up.)

Who thinks these things up? What kind of twisted minds &/or what special interests are being served? (Let's hook up the computer to the mobile ... ever more dependency upon technology).

Heading for the UK tomorrow & what seems to be a major storm ....

On the look out for badgers who might have "moved the goalposts". Good on them.

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