Tuesday, April 08, 2014


A: You know what?
B: No.
A: Write what you know.
B: Now?
A: Right.
B: What you know?
A: What you know now.
B: Right.
A: What do you know, now?
B: Right now?
A: Right. Write it.
B: Write now?
A: So it is written.
B: What is written?
A: What is written will be.
B: (cautiously) Right …
A: That which is written.
B: (sarcastically) What do you know…
A: (pedantically) No.What you know you know now.
B: Now know?
A: Know now.
B: (brightly) As against before?
A: Right. Before.
B: Right before now?
A: After.
B: (carefully) After now…
A: No. Write after now.
B: (losing interest) Afterwards.
A: (impatiently) No. Now.
B: (irritated) Now what?
A: About now?
B: No.
A: Right about now.
B: Too right.
A: (school mistress) To be right.
B: Right around.
A: Right around about what?
B: (mock astonishment) What about that!
A: What?
B: Writing!
A: Writing about what that is.
B: (puzzled) That is …
A: Writing about you know what.
B: (embarrassed) That?
A: That you know.
B: (defensively) No!
A: No – you know.
B: (gloomily) No one knows.
A: No. No. No.
B: Then what?
A: No…
B: Then why?
A: No …
B: Then which?
A: Then no.
B: Then why write?
A: It is written.
B: So you say.
A: (losing heart) So it says.
B: You say so.
A: (hopelessly) Who knows?
B: (uncertainly) So no it is then...
A: So it is.
B: (smugly) So will it be.


A: (giving in) Right then.
B: Maybe …

(from an old notebook April-July '05 & fiddled with today - making a virtue out of treading water)  

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