Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Pretty exhausted after a day's driving back from the UK via the Folkestone-Calais Eurotunnel.

Trying to make sense of disparate impressions & events ...

The Chancellor's budget & announcement of a "living" (sic) wage; signalled diversion at the M20 & then nothing leading to a cross-country adventure trying to find the terminal; BBC local radio item on whether or not women should shave their underarm hair; glimpse of a man wandering along the hard shoulder of the motorway leading away from the Calais platforms; hotel notepaper with scrawled ideas held by the new Greek Finance Minister; Murray through to the next round but plenty of vacant seats due to corporate hospitality deals; a long & frustrating traffic jam near Ghent; so many lorries - idling or just parked along the roads in France & England; tube strikes in London with further action to come; the Barclays head sacked despite glowing testimonials for his ability to instil values; billions wiped off the Chinese stock exchange; Tony Blair adamant that his decisions when in office have contributed nothing to the current situation in the Middle East ...

Anyone else sense that the entire system is running out of control?

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It seems my crystal ball was not so grubby ... ... resisting the temptation to say "told you so".