Sunday, August 09, 2015

Surfaced briefly into consciousness during the night to catch a few minutes of Mark E. Smith being interviewed on Radio 4 Extra. It went something like this:

Interviewer asks Mark E. what his views are on a list of issues (homophobia ... racism ... fascism ...)

Smith answers: Homophobia? ... that a fear of being in the 'ouse?


Turns out it is/was the last episode of Alan Parker's 59 Minutes programme which is probably a good thing. Listening to it just now on iPlayer Parker grates more than somewhat. However, fair play, he does give The Fall some air time. (O for the days of John Peel).

In fact, Mark E. Smith runs rings around Parker who seems utterly incapable of sustaining the interview or sensing the massive piss-take he's receiving. So much for BBC 'alternative' comedians ...

Leading me to think that it would be an inspired move in these dreary days to give Smith his own slot on radio in which to do whatever he wishes (play favourite tracks, monologue, interview politicians, maybe have a cosy chat with Sue Perkins).

Why stop there? Given the surge of opinion behind Jeremy Corbyn might it just be the moment for Mark E. Smith to declare himself ...?

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