Tuesday, January 05, 2016


One thing leads to another. Glancing at the Sight & Sound list of outstanding films for the year gone by, I realise that I have - once again - missed them all. Dutifully I go down to the library & ask for the actual copy of the magazine, start leafing through & hit upon a review of the new film by ... Peter Tscherkassky. Who? Never heard of him but his methods & approach seem to be interesting (Brakhage-style interference with the actual film stock, Cornell-like appropriation & deformation of existing footage, etc. ...). 

Once home I sit down & watch Outer Space the first of what's on offer via Youtube. It's only 9 minutes long or so but fascinating & confirms that this really is someone I need to explore further. Amazon doesn't seem to have much available on DVD & so it will be a trip to the Mediatheque at the weekend. 

If anyone knows of other sources please let me know. 

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