Saturday, June 25, 2016

& another angle on all this ...

... so easy to get sucked into the Media feed - checking updates, catching the headlines, waiting for the next click bait tasty maggot of information.

So what did today look like?

A run at 6:30 am around the golf course. Rabbits scatter in all directions. Not sure whether they are immigrants or not. Do rabbits carry ID? Perhaps genuine Belgian stock. Pigeons fly overhead with scant regard to fences or borders of any sort. As for clouds ... no respect at all.

Bought croissants, pain chocolate, couque Suisse at the local bread shop. Went to the pool - it's called the Calypso (that's Greek innit?). The guy who opens the doors is Moroccan. The lady at the reception desk is from Slovakia. A quick head count of the regulars - Belgian, Turkish, English, French Canadian.

Walking back to the car (Renault), I see other vehicles - Fiat, BMW, Citroen, Mazda, Audi ... etc.

Back to the house for breakfast. Sat around the table (wood sourced from Poland?): Giulia (an academic from Padova), Milton & Christina & their kids from Greece. Us - a mix of British, Belgian & Czech.

At midday an Amazon UK package arrives via Belgian Taxipost - Ed Sanders' volume of glyphs published by Granary Books (US of A). I leaf through it while listening to Bjork & Anna Thorvaldsdottir (Icelandic) & BBC Radio 3. I write in my notebook (Italian) with my Lamy (German) pen.

During the afternoon I start reading Fernando Pessoa's poems translated from the Portuguese.

This evening I watch (via satellite) the Euro 2016 match - Wales v Northern Ireland. Gareth Bale's skills honed while playing for Real Madrid.

For dinner we eat pizza from Mama Roma & drink Italian red wine. On the stereo - Keith Jarrett (US) with Jan Garbarek (Norway) on the German ECM label.

Need I go on?

No man is an island ...

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