Wednesday, June 15, 2016

... so I'm reading 'Potential Random' in the recent Keith Waldrop Selected & thinking not only do I really like this sequence but how nice it would be as a little volume on its own. I search around on the usual sites (alibris etc.) & unearth a few copies but postage is rather fierce.

& then I realise ...

... I have the very copy upstairs. It was one of the volumes Keith himself sent in return for my own effort I sent some years ago.

Comparing the two printings it is interesting to see that for the Selected he decided to drop the asterisks dividing the sections. In a way it makes the shifts in perspective less obtrusive. In another, it makes them all the more disturbing.


Three cheers for Iceland drawing with Portugal - an extra cheer thrown in for provoking such a petulant response from Ronaldo. (E & I agree he looks like a Sim).

Right now I'm going through an Icelandic phase due to the discovery of the composer Anna Thorvaldsdottir. Not, in fact, part of the ECM stable but I wouldn't mind betting Manfred Eicher would like to tuck her under his wing.

Not only is the music utterly compelling but her manner of speaking English is mesmerising.

More on her tomorrow, I hope, when the CDs arrive.


& today I discover the Siglio website on Robert Seydel. A serendipitous moment given my jog this morning with a rabbit scampering before me. Leading me off into the woods & down into a burrow or simply trying to run away? (For Seydel the bunny like the hare were totem animals.)

As I understand it a classmate of Peter Gizzi &, of course, a major influence upon Keith Waldrop's collages. Small world time. Again.


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