Wednesday, July 19, 2006

We're back & it's ...

... 36 degrees C.

We didn't read as much as we intended. We didn't write as much as we thought we might. Then again, we never do.

Anyway, lots of ideas.

Thank you to everyone in Norway for putting us up/putting up with us. And we're very pleased that Uncle Charlie is heading to Madrid for a year.

Thank you to the Chicago Review who finally got the 'recent' issue to Belgium.

And thank you to Amazon who never cease to amaze us with prompt delivery of books & CDs which await us on arrival.

And, finally, congratulations to all our IB students who did so well - the results were even better than I'd expected. Yep, it was worth it!

. rrh'isOIV  ... a wasp just buzzed in through the Velux & went scrabbling across the desk & keyboard ... now up & ...