Saturday, August 03, 2013

Antwerp. & a new (at least to me) secondhand bookshop a little way past the church. In which I find ... this Black Sparrow Press edition of Barbara Guest's only novel. So why did I buy it when I have it already (the Sun & Moon edition)? Partly as the larger format & cover collage beguile, partly because I think I'm on to a bargain (it wasn't particularly), partly as a way of memorialising the day : seeking air, indeed.

There's something about this city. It gets me every time.

Just before leaving I see a man in one of the many courtyards, sitting at a table, crisp white shirt, an interesting-looking book open before him, a large glass of white wine to the side & think to myself yes ...

Hypocrite lecteur! Mon semblable! Mon frère!

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