Saturday, August 31, 2013

The neighbours opposite have decided to declare their newly-painted gate once again an access to their garage by sticking a no parking sign (plus number plate) and threatening tow-away sign. This, despite the fact that they - and everyone else along the street - know that they condemned their garage on moving in, built a small (verging on absurd) swimming pool in front, and grassed over the rest. There is absolutely no possibility of a car getting in or out.

Instead, they have decided to interpret 'right of access' to mean a personal parking space in front of the gate. Unfortunately, given the length of their car, they cannot actually fit within the width of the gate access leaving them no alternative but to jut forward into their right-hand neighbours' gateway. (So far she has been generous enough not to complain).

A further complication is that a lamppost stands on the other side, meaning that any car can park up to this point without preventing access (were access feasible) to their garage. And cars do. In response, the neighbours have decided to park right up onto the bumper as if declaring their 'space' has been trespassed upon. (Do this in town & you'd have your wipers pulled out or wing mirror twisted off).

The new development we witnessed on opening the curtains this morning is their decision to now park partially across their gate access (thus a good meter or more back from the right-hand neighbour's access way) and a good two meters past the right-hand post of their entrance. In effect, they are now taking up two parking spaces along the road - all in their effort to assert a right to a space which is not, in fact, theirs in the first place. (Imagine the consequences were everyone to assume their driveway gave an automatic parking space to the left and right).

The icing on the cake is to watch them leaving (husband opens the little side gate, they embrace, she gets in & drives away) or returning (one or other gets out to check the car reverses within half an inch of any enemy car encroaching on their putative land). There is something both theatrical & pompous about the whole business.

I was wondering what it reminded me of when the penny dropped: the sister's house in Tati's Mon Oncle. In this instance I'm tempted to laugh also were it not so utterly pathetic - such arrogance, such small-mindedness, so little self-awareness. Who do they think they are?

Perhaps I should go out in the dead of night & chalk a parodic reserved parking rectangle with a symbol for the socially handicapped ... What do you think?

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