Monday, August 05, 2013

Unlikely as it seems but ...

... two good bits of news:

1) You can still hear Zappa's G-Spot Tornado & The Adventures of Greggary Peccary being played at this year's Proms festival -

(Pity about the simpering low brow link material - why not ring up Ben?)

2) Peter Capaldi transforms from Spin Doctor to Doctor Who - an inspired bit of casting (for once!). Finally the Daleks meet someone whose language is able to exterminate ... "You? You f!@$%ing lump of $%^^&** who d'you think you are? I've seen more horrible %^^&(^(* in my sister's &*)*&*&. So get out of my f*&^*ing galaxy will yeh!"

(& maybe a crafty dig at both the BBC & the current government as being nothing but a collection of tacky monsters & cybermen?).

I might even tune in.

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