Monday, February 24, 2014

I make a pot of green tea

I lay breakfast

I go for a swim

I eat breakfast

I make a collage for today's page

I try to listen to The Book of Days against the sound of the vacuum cleaner on the floor below

I drive L & M to the shopping centre

I pay 1 euro for occupying a space for 10 minutes for no purpose

I ignore the voice of the GPS & get lost

I get home (eventually) & make coffee

I listen to an anthology of Punk rarities & think: what was I doing? when each song was being made

I remember meeting a member of The Mekons with Ben in a pub in Leeds ('89?)

I eat smoked salmon with Philadelphia on black German bread

I drink another coffee

I walk to the bench by the pond in the woods

I draw the tree nearest to me

I walk home & drink the tea L has made in anticipation of my return

I read another interview with Meredith Monk ("I always try to start from scratch") & discover that she has a 30 year old tortoise called Neutron

I watch a short film by Kate Greenstreet entitled 'Cloth' ("colour is to meaning as shape is to sound")

I stop typing

I go downstairs to the kitchen & open the door of the fridge

(not being able to remember the name 'Philadelphia' but seeing very clearly the grey oval tub & blue lettering)


(not that any of this amounts to much)

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