Monday, February 03, 2014

Renault Clio IV wind noise ... Renault Clio IV bruit de vent ...

... I'm deliberately leading into this post with this phrase to catch any casual surfers on both sides of the Channel. Sad to say, the initial period of infatuation has worn off as I become more aware of the car's shortcomings. ("ah ... you see ... " I hear you say). Over the past month or so, travelling at higher speeds (100 km/h plus) there's a noticeable amount of wind noise around the rear view mirrors. Give the high winds of late I thought it was normal & then began to research the issue. True enough, go into the Forums & you'll see plenty of discussion.

I mentioned it to the dealer ten days ago & he agreed they'd look into it. They did & the head mechanic drove it home & back. Yes, there was an issue. OK ... The dealer said they'd do some research & drive similar cars & get back to me. By today, nothing. So when I dropped by to sort out the accident business I asked again about the wind noise issue. The mechanic had changed his story - or not quite. Yes, it was "abnormal" but "normal" for this model. Duh? He drives the souped up GT & that is noise free. So ... nothing to be done. I summon up my best French (& patience) & suggest that this isn't really acceptable: it is not a budget model, he has acknowledged that there is an issue, yet there is nothing to be done? What kind of impression does this give of the manufacturer? More to the point, of the garage? He shrugs.

To anyone reading who has a similar issue I'd be grateful for any comments. It seems that until there is sufficient evidence this "abnormality" will be considered "normal". Admittedly it is not life-threatening & - I accept - perhaps more noticeable given the very quiet engine. Play some music & it fades into the background. Nevertheless, you'd think they could summon up something better than this. I maintain that it's a lovely car. However, the follow-up service is distinctly below par. Comments please.

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Tyler Durden said...

Hi. First of all sorry for my english. I'm Portuguese and I also have that wind problem on my Clio iv of 2013.
Research internet for any clues and get the same results as you.
I also check this forum:

Done that rectification but the wind problem is a little better but is there.

I think we need a proper number of repair of that problem assumed by renault. So we take that to the repair.

Keep me update on this blog.


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