Sunday, February 23, 2014

You just have to listen to this ...

an interview ... no, better, a discussion between Meredith Monk and Bjork about their music and general way of looking at the world. It's almost needless to say it is absolutely fascinating. Pity about the intrusive link-woman but I suppose it would have been too raw just to let the two of them talk.

This weekend (more or less) has been given over to Monk. I listened to Book of Days again, yesterday, having put it to one side. Fabulous. Then I discovered Impermanence was tucked away on my iPod (I seem to have deleted it on iTunes - how ironic). The feature on Monk in The Wire then propelled me on to Google for more material - and thus the Bjork connection. There's also Bjork singing Gotham Lullaby at:

There's also the Peter Greenaway film on Monk in 8 segments up on YouTube as well as various other short clips. (I love the end of Turtle Dreams where the four dancers finish and in the very same movement walk off stage. In that invisible crack from art to life lies what's so wonderful about Monk's work.)

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