Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A brilliant sunny November Tuesday morning. And a day off. Perfect.

What better to do - after an hour's stomping through the woods - than to make a soup. So here goes:


Chop onions - red & white
Dice chorizo

Start the pot sizzling with oil & add the above plus two chicken legs.


Prepare celery, red & yellow peppers, carrots, courgette, a potato.
Add to pot.


Drain haricot beans & lentils. Add.


Add some tomato paste/purée. Then boiling water (judge quantity).


Add garlic, chopped chilli pepper, smoked paprika, thyme & a dash of Worcester sauce.

Salt & pepper to taste.


Leave to simmer away for one hour. Sit & read a book while enjoying the aromas (smoked paprika really gives it a kick).

Mine looks like this ...


When it's finished I'll lift out a couple of ladles worth & blitz the rest. (Obviously the chicken legs will need to be stripped of meat). Then I'll return what I took out to give it texture.

Give it a go. The colours - reds, oranges, the brown undertones ... autumn in a pot.

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