Thursday, March 03, 2016

Title for this post: The Boot On The Other Foot.

The past few days it has felt rather like being part of a Guild in the Middle Ages. Younger Wafflette has been engaged on a book project for school requiring some kind of collage. One way or another we've all been dragged in to the process. (My contribution being to pull down from the shelves my Cornell collection & print off written drafts & various images).

That said, the overall conception has been her own - as well as some strenuous colouring & frequent tantrums. As I type the text part of the project is being finalised at the kitchen table (hence the raised voices).

As for the collage-object, well, it isn't bad & shows what can be done with an old Ferrero Rocher plastic cone (the bottom half of an hour glass, no?). Blue Peter sails on.

Anyway, my apologies go out to all the parents of my own students who must also have been pressed into labour over the years.

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