Sunday, October 02, 2016



So I take myself off to the local museum & mooch around the Oriental collection (other than a family of three, I was the only person there at 10 o'clock). 

Not much calligraphy on display but there is this scroll beneath a glass case. There wasn't any explanatory text in evidence & - needless to say - I can't decipher it. But I am utterly entranced by the brushwork. With my index finger I trace the strokes in mid-air, trying to recapture the descent of the brush, the moment of contact, the movement, the 'taction' with paper, the lift. Then the return to the ink pot before taking the plunge again. 

In the lower example, look at the character fifth column, eighth down. Or sixth column first row. Breath taking. 

&, by way of contrast, the restrained elegance of the top example - which was written to the right hand side of the sheet. 

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