Sunday, October 23, 2016

This was a more satisfying visit - last Sunday afternoon with the younger sprout.

An upstairs 'loft' space lit with spot lights and a series of watercolours by Anne Herbauts (confirming my suspicions that she works more or less on an A4 scale & then enlarges or reduces depending). What really makes the show, though, is the Broodthaers-style mock museum cases containing a range of found items. The premise of the exhibition is the forest being overtaken by the sea. Thus, in the morning, we each become unwitting Crusoes beach combing the streets for what the waves have left behind. It is a beautiful conceit & a fantastic engine for generating a series of wry surrealist re-imaginings. The same intelligence & poetic eye that informs AH's book works is here for all to see. Such a modest space & scale but what ripples it sends out into the day. Fresh eyes. Marvellous.

(Only open Wednesday & Sunday afternoons).


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