Saturday, October 01, 2016

One of the ongoing problems with this Blog has been the refusal of various apps to upload posts containing images.

Here's a new attempt.

These are collaged fragments from the Turin workshop - a series of preliminary strokes made on the wrapping of the sumptuous Arches paper we were working upon.

So here goes ...

... & lo & behold it fails. Again.

If anyone knows what the problem is then please let me know.


Thunder & lightning (7:50 pm). The first movement of Tristan & Isolde playing on BBC Radio 3.


I listened to the first Brahms String Quartet earlier this afternoon & fell under the spell. Am I right in hearing a motif from the Clarinet Quintet in the second movement?

Question: why don't I respond to the Symphonies in the same way?

Whose recording might work the magic? (I have the budget Karajan).


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