Sunday, January 01, 2017


Notebook collage

"Time is not just years and dates, but weeks and seasons. Time is a pack of cards, to be shuffled by skill and chance, or gathered into suits through complex games, built up or down black on red in endless sets of patience, or of solitaire, with care perhaps not to get the ace of spades ... covered up so that you can't get him out, or a gambling game, no trumps, somebody winning and somebody losing, or else laid out in mysterious formulae from which some Madame Sesostris foretells the future, reads character, digs out the vital spots ..." ('Timing the Thunder', A ZBC of Ezra Pound, Christine Brooke-Rose)


Steve Lacy 'Only Monk' on the stereo.

Thinking 2017 is the year my friend Eric didn't live to see. & I've only just discovered Ray DiPalma died a week or so into December. Kind of strange that while thinking of a way to assemble a text for Eric I dug out DiPalma's Obedient Laughter (although I'm not entirely sure why).

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