Saturday, January 28, 2017





More Zorn ('Gnostic Gospels') & David Murray (the famous 'Ming') plus an unknown - 'Makrofauna' by the ampersand glued Vilde&Inga (not, in fact, a new fragrance or hair salon). 

The Zorn is disturbingly beautiful - a quality I find with all the CDs in the Mysteries series. That sort of head achey faintly nauseous sensation I experience with incense. The Murray is top flight (so, yes, everyone was right). As for Vilde&Inga it's the type of stochastic twang & screech & rattle I can listen to for hours (or not) depending on the mood. They're soul sisters to Mette Henriette - no doubt a Norwegian music school style declaring itself. 


Drove back from the UK with the Murray 'Dark Star' & The Lounge Lizards booming out. I drive therefore I listen (to music) - to rephrase Descartes. How else endure the tedium of sitting behind a wheel? 

Now that would be an interesting car programme: following people around with their favourite listening. What do you play, say, on the M25 (The Jam - ha-ha! cheap joke) as against a windy country road? How music can transform the most mundane journey.

I remember listening to Radio 3 one Sunday morning coming up to 8am on the long descending stretch towards the M20. Mozart's aria Soave sia il vento came on just as the sun was rising - so exquisite a coincidence of sound & setting I very nearly swerved off the road. 

(After it finished the announcer paused as if he, too, had been profoundly moved & then said "perhaps the most beautiful three minutes ever committed to vinyl". I'd find it hard to disagree.)

& the name for my new programme concept? Tracks - what else? 

(Needless to say anyone remotely involved with Top Gear would be strictly off limits). 

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