Thursday, March 20, 2014

Just watched the first episode of W1A thanks to L. successfully getting it to record on one of the two devices. Hooray! (It's also something of a miracle that I actually watch a programme of an evening. Where did that habit go?)

It's a pretty good start - running gags about collapsible bikes, muddled coffee options & non-office space. However ...

... I find I'm laughing but in a way that makes me feel distinctly uncomfortable. Why? One: that the BBC is now becoming so utterly self-referential (Carole Vorderman, Claire Balding cameos). Is this satire or in fact how most BBC execs actually think? Probably. Two: that many people I work with will laugh about it tomorrow but then replicate the very same inanities in the next meeting. How many times have we sat around being told of the merits of the latest software gimmick with No Signal projected on the screen? You know the scenario?

Amazeballs maybe ... it's not funny any more.

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