Sunday, March 02, 2014

Renault Clio IV update ...

for any petrol heads out there ... the trip to the UK & back was a good opportunity to see how the car managed on longer journeys. Here are the stats:

To the UK -

375 km door to door
70.9 km/h average speed
433 km estimated to go on the one tank
6.3 L per 100 km used
13.4 L used

Return (allowing for some extra kms down to Folkestone harbour in between) -

387 km door to door
62.2 average speed
538 km estimated to go on the one tank
6.0 L per 100 km used

(= 900 plus kms on one tank? - hard to believe ... )

which seems pretty respectable & - at least in part - due to the fact that I was using the ECO button & wherever possible on cruise control at 110 km/h. Leaving & returning into Brussels (tunnels etc.) obviously affect motorway averages.

Other things I noticed ...

1) a firmer ride than the other cars I've been used to - it's also a lighter car (some of the big gusts of wind make themselves felt)
2) the wind noise issue varies - I sense it is mostly to do with cross winds & with music on it fades into the background
3) an annoying 'click' when going over bumps produced by the back boot cover (which can be solved by a coat lying across it - I will work out a better solution)
4) coffee cup holder is well-placed for intermittent swigs
5) snazzy SatNav is hard to read in full sunlight

All in all, a very pleasant trip & you feel as though you are actually driving (as against the Scenic where it feels more like watching television in a comfy armchair). The TCe 90 engine is capable of enough power - don't believe those Top Gear reviews etc. that claim to the contrary (& very very quiet - probably why you notice other sounds). In any case, given the roads on both sides of the Channel you'll be lucky to go - legally - much above 110 km/h. The M25 is mostly around 80 km/h from what I can see.

I still like it - but it's maybe not quite the 'coup de foudre' of December.

Further updates as & when ...

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