Saturday, March 15, 2014

What a great surprise finding that Caroline (the CD & vinyl store) once in a gallery in Brussels (now demolished) is alive & well on Bvd Anspach. I go in & just know I'll find something good. True enough: the elsewhere hard to find 'Tragedy' by Julia Holter.

Trawling through Holter-related stuff & interviews I see she's studied with Anne Carson (did I say that in an earlier post?) as well as a very interesting academic/ composer Michael Pisaro (I think I've got that name right) who has some fascinating music of his own (involving, of course, JH in places). That tingling feeling in the fingertips of having struck another seam to explore. Exciting!

There is also this you can watch & listen to:

6 minutes 36 seconds you will not regret.


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