Friday, May 15, 2015

Disappointing & (dare I say) stolid as Creation is after a few listens ... the first disc of Rio is absolute joy. I put it on - well, not quite sure why. Perhaps to test my ears in case.

Track one is packed with fragmentary ideas - think one of those wall-size de Koonings: scrapes, blurs, erasures, drags, scatters. Then each subsequent phase (2-6) seem to draw out motifs from this 'magma' (if that is the word I'm after). In contrast to Creation is the sheer invention - melodic, harmonic, rhythmic, even (maybe this is often overlooked) comic. This is composition in Real Time, the ear split-second behind the Creative Eye-Finger nexus. It's as exciting as that.

Honestly, when Jarrett is in this kind of mood I'll follow him anywhere.

Disc two tomorrow.

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