Sunday, May 31, 2015

I think I've managed to copy the link correctly ...

... Checking the date it looks as though it has only recently been posted which explains why I hadn't chanced on it before.

I cannot recommend it too highly. First, to anyone who does read & care about poetry. Second - & perhaps this is an even more insistent recommendation - to anyone who has never seen the point of obsessing about words on a page.

Not only are the poems gems in themselves, it is also Ruefle's modest, thoughtful & honest way of responding to the questions that disarms. At one & the same time she manages to explode prejudices that poetry is simply for an 'elite' while also managing not to debase the art & profound mystery into some fake commodified accessibility. Quite an achievement. & finally, the sheer generosity of spirit - not ducking the hard fact of experience but also celebrating the joy.

&, it seems, there's a new erasure text on the way. Perfect.

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