Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I've been listening to Resonance FM & Soundart radio coming out of London & Totnes (I think) respectively. There are some terrific programmes, making me wonder why I don't listen more regularly. (There is life beyond BBC radio!)

A regular series on field recording threw up a collective in Macedonia - wonderful sounds of streams, bird song, interspersed with fragmentary readings. Lying in bed in the dark with the curtains open on a still luminous sky & listening ... a rare & special pleasure.

Continuing my explorations I happen upon a pianist/composer/improviser/general interesting French person - Delphine Dora. She issues beautiful minimalist pieces alone or in collaboration. I'm tempted to compare her with Julia Holter only to find JH has already written a rave review for the LA Times. Small world.

& get this ... browsing various CD-Rs by DD what do I find but one title derived from her fascination with ... Clarice Lispector. Well, well.

Simply join the dots.

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