Sunday, May 10, 2015

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Thanks to Frimley Dave our correspondent on the ground in Camoron Land for sending a New Statesman article which goes some way to explaining how things went so drastically wrong.


On a brighter note ... Geoff Dyer writing in today's Observer celebrating Keith Jarrett turning 70 - a sentiment I share one hundred per cent. Coincidentally, I picked up one of his two recent releases - Creation - yesterday. Hate to say it, but I can't get a grip on it. It seems Jarrett put together the CD by editing various concerts & maybe this explains why it misfires. Taken out of their improvised contexts, the phases lack logic & - most critically - a sense of movement. Maybe I will listen with different ears later in the week but for now ... not one of my favourites.


The Mary Ruefle infatuation continues & with it the exploration of writers she adores. Thus, this afternoon I open Agua Viva by Clarice Lispector & it is nothing short of a revelation. As close to a Deleuzean text of schizzing flows I've read. Naturally, I will now need to check out her other work. A new planet for sure.


Talking with various friends & relatives here in Belgium & not at all types who share a 'far left' agenda, I'm struck by how they all share a disgust at the recent UK election result. These are people who hold down well-paying jobs, enjoy a good life, yet still would not endorse the policies of the British Tories. For them, Europe is self-evidently a good thing. You earn but also pay your taxes. You benefit from an excellent health care system. You also see the necessity of a broader social awareness.

What is it in the British character that seems to split these things apart & polarise them? Some inbred cruelty, selfishness & envy? An island mentality?

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