Thursday, May 14, 2015

"Reflecting has lost all the dignity of its form: the ceremony and solemn gestures of reflecting have become ridiculous, and an old-style wise man would be considered intolerable. We think too fast, even while walking or on the way, or while engaged in other things, no matter how serious the subject. We require little preparation, not even much silence; it is as if we carried in our heads an unstoppable machine that keeps working even under the most unfavourable circumstances. Formerly, one could tell simply by looking at a person that he wanted to think - it was probably a rare occurrence - that he now wished to become wiser and prepared himself for a thought: he set his face as for prayer and stopped walking; yes, one even stood still for hours in the middle of the road when the thought arrived - on one leg or two legs. That seemed to be required by the dignity of the matter." (6. Book One. The Gay Science. Friedrich Nietzsche.)

Ascension Day holiday. Rain. Tomorrow off, too.


"We have to improvise - all the world improvises its day." (22)


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