Wednesday, March 11, 2015

As a follow-up to yesterday's post, it is possibly more scandalous that a BBC producer had not punched Jeremy Clarkson. Imagine the temptation.

My current theories on the whole Jezza 'fracas' story are:

1) he has already had an offer from Sky to front some other car show (a whole new meaning to the words 'exhaust' & 'vehicle') & this is a way to sever the contract.

2) he has an eye to politics & the upcoming election - whether front line or as a celeb crowd stirrer - & the BBC job might seem compromising (thus do something drastic to precipitate the exit). Question is which way would he go: Dave or Nigel?

3) he has such an inflated ego (aided by a similarly distended bank balance) that it seems he can flaunt basic decency & norms of behaviour - a syndrome shared by politicians, footballers, etc.. Of the thousands of fans voting for his being retained on Top Gear how many think he would even give them the time of day? The 'one of yer mates' image is a useful mask for a crafty media manipulator & insider to the Chipping Norton set. As to anyone else on less than several million a year: plebs & proles the lot of you.

While I wouldn't go so far as to liken him to Saville in terms of sexual proclivities, there is a nasty similarity in terms of someone who appears to have become a media 'untouchable'. Jimmy who seemed to be such a miracle worker; Jezza who seems to be such a popular naughty boy & bankable 'star'. Who dares pull the spark plug?

& only this morning there was talk of 'the talent' going elsewhere just as I've heard it said that Jezza has transformed popular journalism with his sardonic manner & heavily inflected delivery. In fact - & as he admits himself - his whole style is a rip off. Remember Alan Whicker? There you have it.

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