Monday, March 30, 2015

The tooth gets a for-the-time-being repair with a stern warning that next time it's likely to be a crown.

But for the Achilles' tendon niggle, the footsteps leaving are lighter than those arriving.

How visits to the dentists make our sense of time elastic.


Thinking, once more, about the concept of sympathetic resonance & its relevance to schools in an age of crippling uniformity & (dread word) "alignment".

Do Administrators look at trees? Not one grows the same way & yet each finds its form. (Apply this principle to students.)


The younger Wafflette turned 13 yesterday (thanks to all who sent cards & good wishes) & today appears in one of the national newspapers riding her Scout group's entry to the 24-hour cycle marathon that took place this weekend.

& this despite the tempestuous wind & rain.

Positively heroic.

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