Thursday, March 12, 2015

.... trying to type this as Lily keeps pawing me & licking the iPad. ... We've just had a power cut which sank the entire road into darkness. Weirdly, cooking dinner earlier, I had an intimation that the electricity was going to go off. Spooky.


So Cameron publishes a statement in support of Jezza & then tweets on Terry Pratchett. You wonder whether either is correct behaviour by a Prime Minister.

On the subject of Terry Pratchett, I have never got round to reading him despite having a student every so many years who is major fan. If anyone could recommend a book to begin with I would be grateful - the whole Discworld back catalogue is rather forbidding.


JogBlog ... in case you were wondering ... Sunday was a pleasurable 3km skip around the Hippodrome but I should have recognised the warning signs walking down to the bakery afterwards. That old twinge ... Sure enough, out walking on Monday evening the Achilles pulls again - walking! & so I am once again taking it quietly. Tuesday & yesterday - nothing. Today, a tentative walk around the block. I just don't seem to be able to sustain anything at the moment. In a week's time the pool will reopen & so swimming will once again be on the agenda. Maybe that's how it has to be - swimming with a once a week jog. Better than nothing, I suppose ...

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