Wednesday, August 06, 2008

posting this again without attempting fancy line indentation - which might have caused the problem earlier.

Sonnet ('The Lover's Dilemma') (much revised)

Madrigal (a maid):

eglogs, epytaphes!
Barnabe Googe
dyzanes & syxaines
glad lyrics hail!

Turberuile (a cynic):

let quires of paper
or choirs of favour
rain praises on your lady?


for breath of love thy line contains
and every word her heart sustains

Turberuile (aside):

he is a fool
who fumbles one
(he is a fool
who's written two)

/ Exit: Barnabe Googe bemused

. Driving into work the other morning with 'Village of the Sun' playing & humming & drumming along  & think...