Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Another unexpected clearing in an otherwise rainy day timed perfectly for my arrival back home. So on with the jogging togs & out to the woods.

A sedate 3 km but I'm finding it harder going. Not sure whether the limbs are beginning to settle into a rut or it's the side effects of one too many glasses of a rough Fitou the night before.

No matter. We will persevere.


Episode 2 of Sherlock was highly enjoyable - perhaps even better than the first. E. is absolutely smitten with the whole thing (& probably Cucumber Patch). Sherlockisms will pass into the conversation - his dismissive sigh & muttered "dull ... dull ... " are particular favourites. (Must remember for meetings.)

Crucial to the series is London itself - those great shiny crazy new edifices that have been erected since my habitual wanderings up Charing Cross Road & Tottenham Court Road & Charlotte Street. Great not to languish in Dickensian pastiche but to make the glass & concrete talk.

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