Saturday, January 03, 2015

There is no such thing as bad weather only inappropriate vocabulary.

The day sogged. Tempted out nonetheless. One more among the strays.


Today would have been my grandmother's one hundred and thirteenth birthday. (I may be out by a year or two). 



Here's another tasty little gem we road tested this lunchtime from the Hugh F-W book. Nothing that extraordinary - essentially an upgrade on good old cheese on toast. Good though. 

Take a leek, slice it finely, sweat in butter/ olive oil. Meanwhile toast one side of the bread & grate cheese (the remains of our M&S truckle were ideal). 

Place the leeks then the cheese on the toast & bung under the grill. 

Mighty fine. 

PS for Frimley Dave: the bread shown in yesterday's post is a dark bread sourced from a bakery near to K's dentist (emergency trip to have her back tooth built up). Today's is from our local bakery - quick plug: The Charlotte Royale - their new multi grain. I think you need a brown bread - K would have preferred a rustic white. 


Coming soon ... thoughts on Mr Turner which we saw yesterday afternoon. What Colin Firth did for speech impediments, Timothy Spall does for grunts. Men of a certain age take heart. 

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