Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hearing the woman on the farming programme this morning exclaim "yay!" on entering a barn it set me thinking about some of the things I don't do ...

I don't exclaim "yay!"

I don't say "you guys" either for men or - worse - collectively for men & women

I don't use emoticons

I don't high five

I don't whoop

I don't say "cute"

I don't say "thank you" with that weird inflection, slight pause & extended last syllable (than 'kyew)

I don't say "mate"

I don't say "sarnies" (for sandwiches)

I don't say "ma & pa" for parents

I don't say "telly"

I don't use abbreviations when texting

I don't add 'xxx' to messages

I don't say "that's so random" when meaning "strange"

I don't carry a bottle of water

I don't wear headphones walking down the street

I don't have a tattoo

I don't have a piercing

I don't have a Facebook account

I don't work out

I don't hug

I don't double park

I don't "chillax"

I don't have a Kindle

I don't "tan"

I don't take selfies

(... meaning, I am sure, that for many people I am a dinosaur or grumpy old git. Or both. Strange how the majority of these have occurred within the past ten years.)

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