Saturday, January 17, 2015




A new little routine, updating the music files on the various iDevices & so a perfect opportunity to scribble a post. 

One of the New Year Resolutions was to make a concerted effort to dig out CDs that had been standing on the shelves either bought & unplayed or not really given the due time & attention. 


The Sound of the Sand & Variations on a Theme (David Thomas, out of the Monster box set)
Dry & To Bring You My Love (P.J. Harvey)


the Gould Orlando Gibbons 


the Boulez Berg CD I've had for ages (there was a great Radio 3 programme this morning on Wozzeck - weighing up the merits of the different versions.)



The Ben Cucumber Patch fan club (Belgian branch) is now located upstairs in E's bedroom. She wants a Sherlock mug for her breakfast tea & is affecting various mannerisms & lines - "Clearly" ... "& do shut up Mrs Hudson ..." etc. I tried to explain that he looks, speaks & dresses like most of the chaps I went to school with (a hand-me-down overcoat, scarf, arrogance & asperity were pretty much standard equipment to survive the 6th Form at Westminster) but she won't be swayed. I think this must be LOVE *sigh*. 

I have secretly ordered some badges so she can pin them on her bag & waltz around school. (How I remember my own obsessions for Star Trek communicators, Tom Baker's scarf ... - so why not indulge her?). 

It also occurred to me to track down a DVD of his famous Frankenstein performance but it seems the NT won't give the rights. Which is a shame as I could use in class. (If anyone knows to the contrary please let me know). 

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