Saturday, January 10, 2015

It rains ... & then it rains some more.

Lucky then to be out by 8:15 & heading for the woods. Tree tops tossing in the high winds. Twigs & branches strewn on the floor.

Today it's a grind - the joints & limbs complain, the feet are heavy. A stark contrast to earlier in the week when each stride seemed to come with ease. That's the way it goes.

As I jog along thoughts come & go about the events of the past week. & of the limits of Christian tolerance concerning free expression in our modern society: the outcry at John Lennon's claim about the Beatles' popularity, the pickets outside Life of Brian and The Last Testament ...

At times like these I am reminded of quite why Frank Zappa mattered & we so desperately need that voice & sneer in these very dark & confused days. What was that remark he made? If you were God would you choose X * to do your work on earth? At least words to that effect.

This sentiment can be extended along several religious & political lines.


* if anyone can remember exactly which TV evangelist let me know. Various searches have proved fruitless.

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