Monday, January 26, 2015

Crisis, what crisis?

Walking around the Brussels Art Fair yesterday this thought kept turning around in my mind. Looking at the well-heeled punters as they browsed the stalls it was hard to believe that money was in short supply.

We stopped by a gallery run by a friend of K's exhibiting this particular Tintin cover drawing. The owner asked what I'd estimate as a going price. I paused, weighed up the factors (drawing, not coloured, unsigned, but up for sale in Belgium ...) & hazarded 50,000 euros. The owner smiled indulgently - 2.5 million.

You see?

She admitted that at that this price you'd be unwise to put it on the wall at home. Rather, make a copy & keep the original in the bank vault.

Which is probably why Syriza reckon that they have at least the moral argument on their side.

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