Sunday, February 15, 2015

Eighty nail-biting minutes to see Wales - eventually - win against Scotland. Replays will show plenty of dodgy referee decisions that could have swung the game to the Scots (see - no bias!). Once again, Wales seem heavy-footed & unimaginative. Why play the rolling maul & repeatedly get penalised for not doing anything with possession? Beats me. Certainly at this rate they'll be bloody lucky to beat Italy let alone France & Ireland. Somehow nothing seems to be clicking.


JogBlog update ... went out this morning thinking the left leg was pretty much back to normal only to find I could barely manage one circuit of the Hippodrome before pulling up. It's the knee that's the issue.

Undeterred, I got on the bike this afternoon (another stunning February day) & pedalled up to Place Stephanie & back. I wouldn't risk it on a working day but Sunday is quiet enough. 45 minutes traffic lights included. & this, I think, is how the week will have to go. Walking & cycling until the pains go away.

Given the fabulous weather it seems almost cruel - but what choice have I got?

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