Wednesday, February 11, 2015

JogBlog Update ...

This tendon business has been a salutary lesson - or should that be couple of lessons?

First, that you - I - can't take the body for granted (especially with 50+ years on the clock). Things will strain. They will need time to repair themselves. They will protest & ache. & that this is all part of the business of getting fit (ironic as that may be). Whereas do nothing & the muscles quietly atrophy & the arteries slowly silt up.

Second, just when you - I - flatter myself that I am getting fit I realise this is far from the truth. On the advice of Coach Caroline I take to the bike & deliberately find a longish stretch on a rise. I find I can only manage 5 runs uphill spaced with a freewheel down before feeling pretty puffed. Pathetic! Presumably different muscle groups are getting a work out & that's what's draining. I'll have another go on Friday & see if I can do more. Each day without jogging allows the tendon to get back in shape but I'll still be getting some fresh air.

Cross training is the new flavour of the month!

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