Sunday, February 22, 2015

JogBlog Update

If not fleet-footed then at least in the direction of Fleet ...

... yes, the Big News is that yesterday - Saturday - morning I chanced it & went out for a jog. First, a walk along the main road & then I cut back into a side road shifting into a tentative just above walking pace sort of shuffle. At every step I was expecting something to twinge but ... no ... & little by little confidence returned. I carried on up past the cemetery to the telegraph poles & took a right hoping to find the path down to Brandy Bottom. Instead I got the one which loops back to the cemetery & so retraced the road I'd taken. Using this sign as a finishing post I checked the time & distance: 4.5km & 38 minutes - the most I have been able to do in two weeks. (Fanfare!)

It's hard to describe the sense of achievement & relief. It proves that things do heal & the value of exercising in other ways (the cycling seems to be especially useful).

So, one small step for this flatfoot but one giant leap in learning how to adjust to what the legs are saying. Never will I again pass silent judgment on anyone shuffling along - for all I know it's someone just like me easing themselves back into shape.

A real lesson in humility.

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