Saturday, February 07, 2015

Still smarting after last night's disappointment - as so often Wales play one half & fold in the second. I should have known.

Then ... this morning ... I start out on the morning jog & have to give up. The twinge in the left leg is now an evident Achilles' tendon problem & it's also making me thump down awkwardly on my left knee. Pointless trying to brave it out - I might only make things worse. So an ignominious hobble back.

Cries of 'told you so' from all those who warned me about the dangers of jogging (& at such an advanced age). Is this the end? Or just a minor set back, one of those things you have to just accept, give it a rest &, in a week or so, be skipping along as before?

Sort of like your car breaking down - that mixed feeling of frustration & annoyance. What an old crock. Was it the 3 hour drive to France that triggered it (the clutch pedal foot) or the day of walking after the Saturday run? Or just the accumulation of jogs since November?

Any advice gratefully received.

Pissed off, to put it mildly.

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